Student Handbook App for Clevedon School

iOS App Databases Integrations GPS iBeacons

We created an iPhone and iPad app for Clevedon School in order to help new students settle into the school and find their way around.

The app began as an interactive map with a collection of rules and regulations, then later grew to support complex features and integrations.

In 2014, we pioneered an experiment with iBeacon technology at Clevedon School as part of iClevedon and the Clevedon School Handbook app.

By placing Bluetooth emitters in classrooms around the school, students were sent notifications which prompted them to download documents that were relevant to them in particular locations at different times.

This incorporated bespoke integrations to provide resources from file sharing services and Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) like Foldr and Firefly.

In addition to the mobile application, we built an online drag-and-drop interface for scheduling resources. Which allowed staff to login using their school credentials (Active Directory Integration) and share resources to particular beacons on a set schedule.

The project was so pioneering that within 3 weeks of development, we were able to give a demonstration of the iBeacon project at the Apple offices in London.

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