Job Management System for Clevedon Domestics

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We created a system for Clevedon Domestics to record all details of their jobs.

The system has multiple levels of authentication and allows office staff to manage jobs using the following process:

  • Logging a job, taking details of the item (domestic appliance) and its fault(s).
  • Giving customers an estimate for work to be completed as part of a job.
  • Processing the response from a customer about an estimate.
  • Booking engineer visits with the customer.
  • Recording notes about a job.
  • Tracking parts for a job and filtering by stages. e.g. To order, Ordered, Back-ordered, In warehouse stock, Returned.
  • Completing jobs, invoicing, and recording customer payment.

The system we provide also has the functionality to schedule engineer visits, search for previous jobs by customer details, or appliance details, and filter by dates and stages e.g. scheduled, completed, cancelled.

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